In today’s tough climate clients should be offered ‘more’ for their investment. My unique philosophy and working practices offers a client a selection of packages that may be tailored to suit each client and project.

Shaping Packages


Conor Walsh can provide a personal shaping service direct for both architect and client on existing and new build golf courses. With his vast experience working in this industry, Conor has developed the requisite skills and expertise required for high-end quality work.

Operating as lead shaper Conor will take control of the project concept and will work very closely with the construction team from initial earthworks, straight through to final finishing stages prior to seeding to ensure the desired concept and design is executed.



We only provide and recommend shapers in the position of Master Shaper, with a minimum of 10 years’ experience and those that hold an excellent portfolio that reflects the company’s status. Our vast networks and contacts within the industry not only allow us to pick the best shaping talent but also make Conor J Walsh Golf the first choice to work with.


We can provide staff members and other shapers with a minimum of 3 years shaping experience, capable of all facets associated with the construction process, from drainage to re-spread of layers and simple grading works.

Golf Course Construction

  • All forms of Green construction/USGA Spec greens
  • Green remodeling
  • Exact Green re-instatement, by replacing existing soil growing profile with new preferred root zone
  • Greens Drainage
  • Irrigation Installation
  • All works associated with Tee Construction
  • Laser Grading
  • Tee Drainage
  • Irrigation Installation
  • Bunker Construction
  • Re-development of bunker style on existing courses,
  • Re-vetting,
  • Re-instatement (under insurance policy)
  • Installation of Bunker Liners
  • Bunker drainage
  • Driving Range Tees
  • Driving Range out field with target greens
  • Chipping, Pitching and large scale putting greens
  • Himalaya style putting complexes
  • Car Paths
  • Water Features,
  • Lake construction
  • Rock Walls
  • Gabion Baskets
  • Streams

Tendering For Turnkey Construction Packages

  • Tendering new builds
  • Tendering renovations/remodels
  • Tendering on full turnkey projects

Golf Course Construction Consultancy & Management

If a client, architect or golf course agronomist seeks guidance and rough costings on works, we can provide detailed pricing and advice on construction procedures. Involvement at an early stage of development will help the parties involved develop a program of works suited to the scale of works.
We believe that ‘prior proper planning’ for any project big or small is essential in order to deliver the product on time and within budget for the client. We provide personnel with experience in project planning and budget control on large scale construction works.

Specialised Team Services


At Conor J Walsh Golf our members have been specially trained in the finishing process of final layers of the construction process of greens, tees and other features creating a seamless transition prior to seeding or turning.


We have a strict policy for providing specialised finishers to clients, requiring 5 years’ experience finishing all features on a golf course and at least 1 year on a grow-in.  Our vast networks and contacts within the industry not only allow us to pick the best finishers but also make us first choice to work with for these highly specialised individuals.