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13, November 2009

Re: Conor Walsh – Letter of Recommendation


Conor Walsh joined DMK Golf Design in June of 2005. I personally sought him out and hired him as the second shaper to Mick McShane at The Castle Course, St. Andrews. On such an historic commission and opportunity of a lifetime I wanted a ‘Dream Team’ on the ground and Conor was a critical member of that team. The construction of the Castle Course went exceptionally well, on time and on budget, award winning and critically acclaimed. I am forever grateful to Conor for his efforts on this historic project.

Following the Castle it was obvious that Conor was more than capable of under taking a Lead Shaper role. In July 2007 he commenced Shaping at Machrihanish Dunes, an exceptionally fragile Links site. Conor’s efforts were once again exceptional, utilising whatever equipment was necessary to create the desired effect and doing so within the severe environmental restrictions placed on the design/construction team.

In early 2008 Conor moved on to gWest (working name) and acted as Lead Shaper again exceeding expectations. Since completing gWest he has undertaken small projects for us overseas but due to the economic downturn we have no current need of his talents and have regrettably released him.

Conor Walsh is a hard working, honest, easy to deal with individual, eager to please and someone I consider a friend. If you would like to contact me in regard to this letter please email me at dmk@dmkgolfdesign.com.


David McLay Kidd


To whom it may concern,

I have had the pleasure of working with Conor Walsh almost continuously since 2005, on a variety of projects.

At the Castle Course, Conor took control of shaping many of the golf features including greens, tees and bunkers. As designers we ere looking to create something unique in the tee complexes where the tees are fully functional with enough level areas to play from but that also had enough movement to suggest these tees were antique and fitted perfectly into their surroundings. This wasn’t an easy task but Conor made it his own and together we believe we created a new concept or at least reinvented an old one. With the bunkers a similarly weathered appearance was required and again Conor proved he was up to the task.

At Machrihanish Conor took on the role as ‘Lead Shaper’ here he shaped all the tees, greens and bunkers. A project more like a remodel Conor had to be very sensitive in the handling of a very delicate environment. Together we ‘tip toed’ round the course shaping the golf features without disturbing anything else, illustrating his ability to handle the machinery to exacting standards.

Following on from these Conor was again my lead shaper at gWest a new 18 hole development in Perthshire. Here Conor shaped and built greens, tees, bunkers and water features. Creating a new heathland course next door the prestigious courses at Gleneagles we believe gWest will stand its own.

Conor has consistently proved his ability, loyalty and passion for his profession. A self motivated worker and team player I have always considered Conor as an integral part of the Design Team and wouldn’t hesitate to either recommend him or to work with him again which I continue to do.


Paul Kimber

To whom it may concern,

Conor was the lead European shaper during our time at DMK Golf Design. There we worked together on several high profile projects within the DMK portfolio. On each project Conor’s understanding of landform, his unique ability to interpret the vision of the architect from a simple on site discussion and add his own creative flair assured the creation of some stunning golf terrain.

Conor is equally at ease on the bulldozer or excavator and his quality of workmanship on either is first class. He has worked on all types of terrain and his varied on site experiences enable him to offer more to a project than just shaping services. He is easy to work with, communicates well and admits to being his own worst critic when evaluating his own work.

Conor is a strong asset to any golf construction project he is involved with and I have no doubt he will continue to create the best golf courses in the business.


Niall Glen | Principal | Glen Golf Design | 57 Fawkner Close | Chelmer Village | Chelmsford | Essex | CM2 6UP | United Kingdom |
Tel + 44.1245.604911 | Mbl + 44.7944.383020 |


Niall Glen


To whom it may concern,

Conor Walsh worked with the contractors on the shaping of The Castle Course at St. Andrews from 2005 through to 2007 and was an integral part of the team that developed the rugged look The Castle Course has become known for. Conor’s main forte was the intricate shaping and construction of the bunker and teeing complexes and St Andrews Links Trust are delighted with the work he produced.


Gordon Moir, Director of Greenkeeping
St Andrews Links Trust | Pilmour House | St Andrews | KY16 9SF | Scotland
T: +44 (0)1334 466676 | F: + 44 (0)1334 466679 | M: +44 (0) 7850 139799
E: gordon.moir@standrews.org.uk | W: www.standrews.org


Gordon Moir

Director of Greenkeeping

To whom it may concern,

1. I would recommend Conor Walsh to any golf club looking to improve their course, his professionalism and work ethic is second to none.

2. Having lived with a very poorly designed hole for too long, we decided to make major improvements, after looking at several designers and shapers we chose Conor Walsh, his attention to detail and ability to blend new with old is in my opinion second to none.

3. Having watched Conor shape Machrihanish Dunes, i had no hesitation in asking him to travel to Hesketh to improve our 15th green complex, in one week he transformed a bland poorly designed hole into what, in my opinion will become Hesketh’s signature hole.

4. Looking at the 15th green complex now at Hesketh, i am delighted we chose Conor Walsh, the members are even asking when he’s coming back!!

Peter McVicar

Course Manager, Hesketh Golf Club

14 July 2010

To Whom It May Concern

Letter of Testimonial on behalf of Conor Walsh

I am pleased to write this testimonial on behalf of Conor, he was a lynchpin in DMK Golf Construction Services team in creating a stunning golf course at gWest, that has retained the character of the surrounding heathland topography. His ability to lock into the designer’s requirements and subtly move and mould the topography such that at the end of the day the discerning golfer would presume that the course was timeless and untouched by human hand. This ability to move the large pieces of engineering equipment deftly to create the subtlety in shaping of the golf holes is awesome. We at Ochild Developments (UK) Ltd., would be more than pleased to provide a reference for Conor and have no hesitation in recommending his talents to other clients.


Stuart L. Davie

Project Director